Total Wrecking Demolition Team


In the bustling city of Buffalo, NY, amidst the clamor of machinery and industrial artistry, stands Total Wrecking & Environmental – a testament to co-owner and co-founder Sandy Bodami’s unwavering spirit, her strategic smarts, and her unique ability to make every colleague feel like family. At the helm of this proudly Woman-Owned Business, Sandy’s grounded, no-nonsense leadership style has not only propelled the company to remarkable heights but has also cultivated a workplace culture of mutual respect and personal autonomy. In the blog below, we take a closer look at the story of Sandy Sr., whose business development acumen and unique ability to anticipate industry trends have been pivotal in Total Wrecking’s meteoric success and continued expansion.


Sandy’s secret sauce is simple – it’s all about the people. She’s the captain who knows her employees by name, their kids’ birthdays, and probably what they had for dinner last night. She’s built a world at Total Wrecking where everyone’s got each other’s backs, and that’s no small feat. Sandy Sr.’s journey within the industrial demolition industry, not necessarily known for its female leadership, is nothing short of inspirational. After all, she has been Total Wrecking’s strategic and financial driving force since its inception in 2013, inspiring her colleagues to take greater ownership over their roles and to work harder to protect the people around them. She’s not the matriarchal, teddy-bear figure female leaders are often stereotyped to be she’s a hyper grounded voice of reason who demands respect and hard work every day of the year. To Sandy Sr., success is about inspiring people to make their greatest effort and to treat everyone they work with dignity. Creating a “family atmosphere” doesn’t mean her employees are sitting around a fire singing kumbaya; it means they push and pull each other because they believe in eliciting every individual’s full potential.


Sandy’s not just at the table; she’s leading the charge, and the industry’s sitting up and taking notes. Her compass? A mix of guts, heart, and confidence that helps better her employees and, by extension, her company. Under Sandy’s leadership, Total Wrecking has proudly earned the designation of a Woman-Owned Business, a formal acknowledgment of her role and influence. This milestone is not merely a label but a reflection of Sandy’s strategic prowess and her ability to navigate and excel in a traditionally male-dominated industry. The recognition has not only opened new avenues for growth but has positioned Total Wrecking as a champion for inclusivity and empowerment in the business community. Sandy’s partnership with her husband and business partner, Frank Bodami, has created a dynamic that has propelled Total Wrecking to new heights, while always ensuring that Sandy’s voice and leadership remain at the forefront. Where Frank is largely in charge of the “What” department, Sandy has control over the “Why,” “Where” “When,” and “How” units. This synergy and unique partnership has been integral to Total Wrecking’s success by serving as a constant yin and yang between desire and reality, ambition and practicality. While success requires an equal amount of all these ingredients, it’s her clarity of vision and independent strengths that have truly defined the company’s trajectory.


Sandy possesses an uncanny ability to craft a culture where loyalty is the currency, and it pays off in spades. Her brilliant and personnel-focused initiatives, such as family-oriented company events and employee recognition programs, reinforce the sense of community and shared purpose central to Total Wrecking’s identity. Sandy’s management style is defined by her innate ability to engender loyalty and instill a deep-seated culture of family, fostering a workplace where employees are motivated to excel and take pride in their work.


When Sandy looks to the future, it’s not just about keeping Total Wrecking on top; she’s dreaming up ways to make demolition kinder to our planet and setting her sights on innovations that’ll change the game. She’s not just playing to win; she’s playing for keeps, with a playbook that’s forward-thinking and grounded in good, old-fashioned hard work. The road ahead is about much more than just maintaining Total Wrecking’s competitive edge – it’s about setting new industry standards and driving progress. Sandy knows better than anyone that success is not just measured by profit but by the positive impact on the employees, community, and the environment and her model is “we are building future leaders, funded by demolition and environmental work.”


Sandy Sr.’s influence on Total Wrecking and the demolition industry is indelible. She’s the lifeblood of Total Wrecking, a force of nature in a hard hat. She’s proof that when you mix business with a whole lot of heart, you get something that’s not just successful but downright spectacular. Her role as a strategic visionary has not only shaped the company’s present but has also charted a course for its future. As we look ahead, Sandy’s aspirations for Total Wrecking’s growth and innovation are clear – to continue raising the bar, fostering a workplace that feels like home, and leading with values that resonate beyond the boundaries of business. In Sandy Sr., Total Wrecking has found not just a leader but a beacon of inspiration for industry and a paragon of excellence for generations to come. Remember Sandy’s mantra: “we are a people building business, building leaders, funded by demolition and environmental work.” Here’s to Sandy Sr., the maverick making Buffalo—and the demolition world—a little more awesome.

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